My friend Joe directed me to this promotional poster that was up for bid on eBay recently. I looked very closely, and I think I made out a chainsaw in one of the small pics... Interesting... By the way, it looks as if I might finally be able to see the movie soon, so I'll let everyone know how that goes over.

12-16-02 - PRE-ORDER NOW!

You can now pre-order Cheerleader Massacre!! Yay!! The street date is 3/25/03, and it's available at a low price on DVD but is quite expensive on VHS. Below is a small list of some sites that are offering the DVD at resonable prices. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a special interview coming soon...

  • ($14.99)
  • ($12.99))
  • DVD Planet ($13.99)

    8-25-02 - ARTWORK and SHM 3!

    Whoa, some big news just headed my way, and I thought all of you would die just to hear it...

    "Hey Tony,

    Just put the finishing touches on CHEERLEADER MASSACRE, and I'll be sending you a tape within the next week or so. Please send me your address again so I can post it.

    I've included an early comp of the cover just for your enjoyment. I do believe it's going to change quite a bit before the final hits the shelves in the video stores. Roger Corman told me he wants to reshoot the girls naked, with their pom-poms covering their private parts. But you can post it on your site if you want to.

    Also wanted to let you know that I just wrapped principal photography on SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE 3, starring seven of the hottest internet models around(including Playmate Angela Little, Nikki Nova, Deana Merryman, Charlie O'Neal, Kitana Baker, Samantha Phillips and many others.

    Take care.

    Jim Wynorski "

    Click to view full size

    Stay tuned here for more upcoming news, and I will be sure to report on all the news I receive!


    In a recent e-mail from Jim Wynorski, I received some very exciting news concerning SPM 4! Stay tuned, fans; it's not going to be that much longer of a wait, hopefully!

    "Tony, Slumber Party Massacre 4 is now called CHEERLEADER MASSACRE, and it will be ready for viewing in about one month'`s time. I just yesterday finished doing the Dialogue Replacement with the actors. I also finalized all of the digital efx for the movie as well. And yes, Brinke Stevens is in it, reprising her role of Linda from the first picture. Twenty intervening years have not diminished her beauty whatsoever. The film also stars Melissa Brasselle, Tamie Shefield, Nikki Fritz, Erin Byron, Kim Roe, Gigi Erneta, Samantha Phillips, Charity Raymer, Summer Williams, Lenny Juliano, Diana Espen and Julie Corgil.

    I used a clip from SPM 1, but completely through out the soundtrack from the period and replaced it with new music and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Audio. It makes quite a difference.

    I hope fans of the series will be pleased with this new entry. There's plenty of good looking girls, some interesting death scenes and a good dose of suspense.

    I'll send you an advance copy vhs as soon as it's ready.
    Best Regards
    Jim W.

    5-14-02 - Brinke's Back!

    Straight from the mouth of Jason Paul Collum, who supplied me with this exciting news, comes this:

    "Just got some extremely exciting news. Spoke with Brinke Stevens who just wrapped her role as "Linda" in SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE IV! Yes, she returns as the only living survivor of the first film. When the new murders begin, police go to her for help. She said her role is relatively small, but brings a sort-of 20th anniversary motif to the film. Roger Corman Jr (!) co-produced with Jim Wynorski. Sam Phillips and Nikki Fritz also appear. I'll be doing a write up on it for the next issue of Femme Fatales magazine, and we'll probably run an article closer to its release. I'll keep you posted on that as well."

    Is that some cool shizz or what?! haha I'm really excited!! Keep your eyes peeled for further information!

    2-13-02 - SPM 4 Now Planned

    Jim Wynorski (director of SHM 2 and HTD) just informed that he has just signed to direct the next SPM!! Yes, everyone, it looks like it's finally going to happen! Jim also says:

    "It will be called SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, but the storyline will be right out of my warped head. It's about a swim team that breaks down on the way home from a meet in the next county. Their car stalls on a backroad shortcut, and they're forced to spend the night in a spooky log cabin. And as I mentioned earlier, there will be an appearance from Orville and and Clive Hockstatter(as these are my characters and I want to introduce them into the 'Slumber' series)."

    It's about time!!!!!! They finally realized how much of a good idea it would be be to make a sequel! I'll keep you up-to-date as information comes in...

    6-15-01 - IMPORTANT NEWS

    Jason Paul Collum, who wrote two scripts for SPM 4 and also did the SPM retrospective for Femme Fatales, Issue 9:3 has informed me about some very important SPM 4 news that everyone should read...

    Bad news. SPM 4 is NOT going into production. I spoke with Francis Dole at New Concorde. Here's the deal:

    A film "In the tradition of SPM" is indeed going into production in Ireland next month. Though largely inspired by the original SPM script, the shooting title is currently "SUMMER SCHOOL NIGHTMARE" and will feature college age girls taking classes over the summer (obviously) who wind up in your expected slumber party situation. Also as expected, they get hacked. There currently is no director or actors attached.SPM 4 does continue to be a possibility, but not at the present moment. They are still retaining my script, as Francis says she and other members at the studio very much enjoyed it and continue to consider using it should SPM 4 go into production.

    Oh well... Maybe the film will actually be good; it sounds very promising... Hey, maybe they'll retitle it SPM 4, like they did with SPM 3... Thanks a lot to Jason Paul Collum for the news.

    Also, if you're wondering why the film is shooting in Ireland, it's mainly because Roger Corman bought a new studio located there (thanks to Jim Wynorski).

    5-27-01 - HUGE NEWS

    Jim Wynorski just wrote me and told me something everyone will be happy to hear!!!!

    Good news...Roger Corman thought it over and now is, in fact, making SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE 4. Production is slated to start in a couple of months in Ireland of all places.


    In a recent e-mail from Jim Wynorski, I discovered some BAD news...

    Had lunch with Roger Corman just today. Sorry to report that SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE FOUR is just an unfounded rumor. He has no plans at the moment to make it. Sorry.


    I was looking so, so, so, so, so, so MUCH to SPM 4!!!!!!!! Maybe, just maybe, it will happen someday. According to online friend Joe, this has happened before when New Concorde rejected a script submission for a SPM 4 back in 1994. Sorry, folks...


    Well, nothing really new on updates for the upcoming sequel, except for a link, which is basically the same, old stuff you've been hearing.

    Brinke Stevens in THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACREThere are plans in making a fourth entry in Slumber Party Massacre series. The film is scheduled to be released sometime in 2001, and its working title is Slumber Party Massacre 4: Two Faces of Evil, in which Linda (Brinke Stevens) returns as a scarred teacher who tries to stop some high school students from having a party. Linda is supposed to have been left for dead by the girls' shower room in the first one.

    Below: Excerpt from Brinke Stevens Fan Club: What's New?

    Julie Strain in VICTIM OF DESIREConcorde Pictures was VERY pleased with the recent FEMME FATALES coverage of the SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE series. They ordered 200 copies of the magazine, and have decided to re-release the trilogy on video (& DVD) in October 2000. FF author Jason Paul Collum has since pitched a brand new sequel for "SPM 4", which would reprise Brinke as a scarred survivor. (Since we never really saw her die in the first one, merely scream bloody murder.) Actress Julie Strain has also lent her support as a co-starring "flamboyant neighbor" -- who, along with Brinke, may or may not be the latest teen killer. (Let's hope for a retro-'80's revival soon!)

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