Around the mid-90s, The Movie Channel and Showtime frequently aired Sorority House Massacre 2 and Hard to Die, mostly on Joe Bob Briggs' Drive-In. Being the frequent viewer I was and still am, I noticed that the version of Hard to Die shown on HBO was different and featured extra footage. Later on, I came to learn that the US video release didn't have the footage, so I was very lucky to tape this one, late night. The Australian version did have the footage, though. The actors in the extra footage are credited on the US video version for some reason. The US DVD version is this complete, uncut version.

Extra Scenes

  1. There is a little bit of extra dialogue among the girls when they first arrive.
  2. Dr. Newton (Forrest J. Ackerman) watches a horror movie on TV while doing research before getting a buzz from his secretary, Helga (Amelia Sheridan), about a call about the package (the call is shown in the other version).
  3. There are some scenes in which Lt. Block (Jurgen Baum) and Sgt. Shawlee (Toni Naples) have more conversations.
  4. In one scene, Lt. Block and Sgt. Shawlee break up a porno movie being filmed. After everything has settled down, an actress and actor played by Kelli Maroney and Don Peterson, leave while Block questions the other actress, Fifi Lafeur (Carolet Cirard), about her working experience at Acme lengerie and Orville Ketchum. Greg Lavoi plays the Porno Cameraman and the director of the real movie, Jim Wynorski, is uncredited as the Porno Director.

  • Watch some of the extra scenes.

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