Title: Hard to Die
aka: Tower of Terror, Nighty Nightmare 2
Year: 1990
Genre: Horror
Color: Yes
Running Time: 76 minutes
Rated: R
Production Company: New Concorde
Director: Jim Wynorski
Jim Wynorski
Writer: Mark McGee, J.B. Rogers

Plot Outline

A group of beautiful young women are about to experience the most horrifying night of their lives -- trapped in a deserted skyscraper, with a crazed killer at their heels. Soon their innocent overtime duty becomes an action-filled evening of terror and suspense -- yet they choose to defy the odds and fight back...trading fear for firepower in a high-stakes, all-out fight to the death. It's a female "DIE HARD" full of thrilling stunts and explosive action!

Summary 1993, New Horizons Home Video.


"I LOVE THIS MOVIE!...It's the female version of DIE HARD, full of lighting-hot action and sizzling drama!" -- Joe Bob Briggs, San Francisco Chronicle, Syn.

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