Title: Sorority House Massacre
Year: 1986
Genre: Horror
Color: Yes
Running Time: 74 minutes
Rated: R
Production Company: New Concorde
Director: Carol Frank
Writer: Carol Frank

Plot Outline

The women of Theta Omega Theta think their sorority is a cut above the rest. And a knife-wielding madman is soon going to prove them right. That's bad news for the tempting Thetas. But it's good news for horror fans -- because here's a gore-filled, ever-say-die shocker, Sorority House Massacre!

Think college tests are tough? The Thetas are about to take a final exam where the stakes are not pass/fail, but live/die. Cheating is allowed. And aficionados of fright will be glad to learn that Sorority House Massacre delivers all the right answers to a demanding checklist of macabre delights. It provides as many twisted tricks and treats as the Halloween series, unravels as much bad luck as a whole month of Friday the 13ths and scares up enough bad dreams to give permanent insomnia to Freddy and the gang who tossed and turned throught A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The story centers on Beth (Angela O'Neill), who arrives at the sorority just a few hours before a certified looney escapes from a mental hospital. The women of Theta just wanna have fun, but Beth is a real party pooper who wakes up screaming from recurring dreams about a fiendish night stalker. Those nightmares become all too real when the stalker actually comes after Beth...and thinks anyone in the sorority who as much as breathes is in his way. Talk about a heavy date!

A near-hapless group of victims. An isolated setting. A tough-as-coffin-nails killer who takes a stabbing and keeps on jabbing. It all adds up to Sorority House Massacre, a slash course in absolute terror!

Summary 1987, Warner Home Video, Inc.


A slash course in absolute terror!

Who'll survive the final exam?

A blood-crazed psycho takes a stab at higher education.

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