Title: Sorority House Massacre 2
aka: Nighty Nightmare, Night Frenzy
Year: 1990
Genre: Horror
Color: Yes
Running Time: 77 minutes
Rated: R
Production Company: New Concorde
Director: Jim Wynorski
Jim Wynorski
Writer: James B. Rogers, Bob Sheridan

Plot Outline

Meet the girls of Sigma Pi; Some will live and some will die. Playboy Playmate Melissa Moore, Joe Bob's Breat Actress Robyn Harris and nubile newcomer Stacia Zhivago are three sexy coeds spending their first night at their new sorority house. Unfortunately, like their boyfriends, the old mansion has a past.

These girls party 'til they panic...a killer has crashed the bash and he's really hooked on them. Now they must struggle to stay alive with only their brains and their bustiers to support them.

Summary 1992, New Horizons Home Video.


It's Cleavage vs. Cleavers and the result is Delta Delta Deadly!

Same Sorority - New Massacre!!!


"Four stars...Will surely become the standard for all horror flicks!!!" -- Joe Bob Briggs, "Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In"

"There may have been better horror films made, but not with this many women in their underwear... Four stars... Joe Bob says check it out." -- Joe Bob Briggs, "Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In"

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