• If you look very closely during Neil's (Joe Johnson) death scene, you'll see that the knife blade bends.

    Drop it like it's hot!

  • When Trish (Michele Michaels) discovers that she left the burner on, she picks up the coffee pot as if it weren't even hot! Although, according to Joe, it was an electric style oven and the knob would've been hot-colored if it really was hot, which it wasn't! Scroll over image for blonde advice...

    Hey, Valerie, why's the Kool-Aid making me act like such a pest today?

  • If you watch closely as Valerie is making Courtney's Kool-Aid, you'll see she empties a packet and then proceeds to add some sugar... The only thing is--that kind of Kool-Aid comes pre-sweetened. Guess she has a sweet tooth like me... :-) Scroll over image for humorous anecdote.
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