1.wav (00:12)
Trish's morning wake up call.

2.wav (00:15)
Morning news report on Russ Thorn.

3.wav (00:28)
Telephone repairwoman's death scene.

4.wav (00:04)
A funny remark between the girls in the showers.

5.wav (00:10)
Diane tells Kim a funny story.

6.wav (00:26)
Locker room talk.

7.wav (00:05)
Linda's ear-piercing scream.

8.wav (00:16)
Another warning ignored, this time by Coach Jana.

9.wav (00:12)
When animals attack...

10.wav (00:14)
Kim pulls out some "mowie wowie."

11.wav (00:21)
Party and Koolade talk between Valerie and Courtney.

12.wav (00:14)
Some boy...

13.wav (00:20)
The girls talk about Diane.

14.wav (00:19)
Valerie and Courtney arguing about the trash.

15.wav (00:17)
Courtney's interest in Valerie's Playgirl magazine.

16.wav (00:08)
Mr. Contant doesn't make it to his 54-th snail kill.

17.wav (00:01)
Stinger when Trish opens the curtain.

18.wav (00:15)
Creepy Valerie...

19.wav (00:27)
Diane's amusing phone call with "Booboo."

20.wav (00:13)
Make-up tips and hair styles.

21.wav (00:05)
How to heal Jeff's shiner...

22.wav (00:12)
Diane meets a gruesome end.

23.wav (00:03)
Body count/pizza money.

24.wav (00:24)
Dead phone.

25.wav (00:27)
Neil getting stabbed to death.

26.wav (00:14)
French kiss.

27.wav (00:26)
Eating makes Jackie feel best when she feels bad.

28.wav (00:25)
Jackie's cut off too soon.

29.wav (00:25)
Extreme reaction.

30.wav (00:19)
Courtney's beer.

31.wav (00:10)
Refrigerated body.

32.wav (00:23)
Russ Thorn comments on the girls to Trish.

33.wav (00:22)
Valerie goes balistic on Russ.

34.wav (00:08)
Russ goes through the machete.

35.wav (00:25)
End Credits - Ralph Jones

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