1.wav (00:25)
Richard Cox score (calm mood).

2.wav (00:25)
Richard Cox score (scary mood).

3.wav (00:08)
Dead bird.

4.wav (00:11)
Make-up and a black hole.

5.wav (00:23)
Tokyo Convertible

6.wav (00:23)
Only If...

7.wav (00:25)
A bad dream.

8.wav (00:25)
Sisterly warning.

9.wav (00:15)
Rock 'n' roll never dies...

10.wav (00:17)
Slumber party weekend!

11.wav (00:09)
Hot, Wet, and Wild!

12.wav (00:24)
Blow-up doll.

13.wav (00:02)
Killer corndogs.

14.wav (00:18)
Big chicken look-alike.

15.wav (00:03)
Sally cautions Shelia.

16.wav (00:28)
A realistic dream.

17.wav (00:26)
Courtney's descripton of her dream to Amy.

18.wav (00:28)
Weird burger.

19.wav (00:18)

20.wav (00:09)
Chicken attack.

21.wav (00:19)
A pie in the sky.

22.wav (00:24)
Huge pimple!

23.wav (00:04)
Diet pills.

24.wav (00:02)

25.wav (00:16)
Trash compactor.

26.wav (00:23)
More Oxy 10 and outrageous guy.

27.wav (00:16)
Heavy trip.

28.wav (00:25)
Never gone all the way...

29.wav (00:23)
Not a dream...

30.wav (00:10)
Sally's death.

31.wav (00:07)

32.wav (00:03)
Shelia's frightened scream.

33.wav (00:01)

34.wav (00:28)
Can't Stop Lovin' You

35.wav (00:29)
Amy's fall.

36.wav (00:14)
She had to die.

37.wav (00:21)
Light my fire.

38.wav (00:05)
Evil laugh.

39.wav (00:29)
Courtney wakes up...

40.wav (00:26)
Let's Buzz

41.wav (00:29)
Don't Let Go

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