Title: Slumber Party Massacre 2
Originally titled: Don't Let Go
Year: 1987
Genre: Horror
Color: Yes
Running Time: 75 minutes
Rated: R
Production Company: New Concorde
Director: Deborah Brock
Writer: Deborah Brock

Plot Outline

The only sane survivor of SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, Courtney (CRYSTAL BERNARD) dreams of the drill murderer returning. She can't shake the horrible feeling that she and her friends will be viciously tormented and brutally butchered. Again and again the nightmare returns. Dazed, Courtney loses control. And her nightmare crosses into reality.

No one believes her, until it's too late. The driller killer returns, reincarnated as an evil rocker. He methodically stalks them; then violently gores them to death...one by one. Mixing elements of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET with TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, only the fittest can survive--SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRRE II!

Summary 1987, Embassy Home Entertainment.


The party begins when the lights go out!

The driller killer's back--and he parties for keeps!

If you go, don't go all the way.

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