• Footage from SPM and a bit of SHM is reused in Courtney's nightmare sequences.

  • The girls watch Rock 'n' Roll High School on TV. This movie was a Roger Corman production, and SPM 2 director Deborah Brock directed Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever.

  • The officers that visit the condo are named after Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, from the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series.

  • The end credits promise a midnight visit from the driller killer in the warning at the end.

  • Juliette Cummins (Shelia) hurt her knees while crawling up the stairs during her chase scene, because she is fair-skinned.

  • Kimberly McArthur (Amy) refused to do a nude scene, despite being a former Playboy Playmate and doing nudity in other films.

  • Kimberly McArthur (Amy) and Crystal Bernard (Courtney) were both in Young Doctors in Love (1982).

  • Heidi Kozak (Sally) played alongside Maria Claire (Susie, SPM 3) in Society (1989).

  • Courtney mentions the name, Trish Craven at one point, an homage to horror movie director, Wes Craven.

  • Sally Burns is named after Marilyn Burns's character, Sally, from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • Courtney Bates is named after Norman Bates from Psycho.

  • The interiors of Shelia's condo (sets) were also featured in the New Concorde film, The Nest.

  • Here is some information given to me by a director who had Robin Stille audition for one of his movies. The director wishes to remain anonymous, so please do not ask me about this:

    "...Robin Stille auditioned for [deleted], though I didn't use her. She seemed very troubled at the time, she told me that her agent was negotiating to get her to return for SPM 2, and the film company passed on using her. Not sure how much it had to do with her suicide, but she was very upset over it.

    Because Robin was the only character to survive SPM, she immediately assumed they would need her for the sequel. While she was having her agent call in her demands, they had never planned for her character to be in the sequel, it was an entire new group of girls.

    She was never turned down or recast for the sequel. They just never planned on using her in the first place, and it must have hurt when she found out.

    This was still around 1988, so it was well before her suicide. I was told by many people that she had alcohol problems and she wasn't a good choice of someone to hire. That was the last year she did any feature film work, so I think it had finally caught up with her. Hollywood is a small town.

    On the contrary, we all know that Robin was not the sole survivor of SPM and was re-cast in SPM 2 for Courtney's nightmare sequences. Whether or not they originally intended to have the character of Valerie return in any form is currently unknown to me. Very shocking news, indeed.

  • Visit the Femme Fatales page to get a bunch of trivia on all the SPM movies.
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